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TCR Tecora is a leading supplier of stack emissions sampling systems, continuous dioxin emission samplers, gravimetric samplers, industrial hygiene devices, oxygen and combustion control analyzers. Our mission is to design products compliant to international standards, helping environmental engineers and stack testers to improve its productivity and minimise off-spec products in industrial processes.

Some of TCR TECORA’s air quality samplers.

Latest News

Inhalation and Nasal Products TestingTCR Tecora

Inhalation and Nasal Products Testing

Inhalation and Nasal Products Testing, a system to test and discover the quality of several Inhaler products, click to discover.
Chemistry PhD Project University of TriesteTCR Tecora

Chemistry PhD Project – University of Trieste (UNITS)

The Department of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, in collaboration with the company TCR TECORA® in Cogliate (MB), co-funds a MUR/PON scholarship for 1 PhD research project, subject area: Innovation.
PFE Particle Filtration EfficiencyTCR Tecora

PFE Particle Filtration Efficiency

PFE Particle Filtration Efficiency Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the use of face masks became an essential tool in order to reduce the diffusion of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In addition to surgical masks, dust masks can be used. These dust…
Microplastics are polluting the oceans but also the airTCR Tecora

Microplastics are polluting the oceans and also the air

Microplastics are polluting the oceans and also the air.   Microplastics introduction and definitions Microplastics are becoming a topic of growing concern due to the possible adverse effects related to their presence in the environment.…
TCR Tecora talks about the project FANGHITCR Tecora

FANGHI: TCR Tecora talks about the project

FANGHI: TCR Tecora talks about the project. FANGHI (Forme Avanzate di Gestione dei Fanghi di Depurazione in un Hub Innovativo Lombardo), is one of the 33 projects of excellence, winner of the Lombardy Region call “Call Hub Ricerca e Innovazione”,…
Rotative Probe Industrial Emissions Internal Training TCR TecoraTCR Tecora
, ,

Rotative Probe Industrial Emissions Internal Training

Rotative Probe Internal Training for TCR Tecora Team. Check it out the Images of the Event with Industrial Emissions Specialists. | TCR Tecora
BFR Test Kit Training Aziendale TCR TecoraTCR Tecora
, ,

BFE Test Kit, TCR Tecora Internal Training

Primo Training Aziendale per BFE Test kit. Guarda le foto del primo training svolto ai collaboratori e alcuni clienti in sede TCR Tecora.
TCR Tecora and TSE Systems partnershipTCR Tecora

TCR TECORA and TSE Systems Partners in the Filtration Tests.

TCR TECORA® announces an agreement with the German company TSE Systems for the Distribuition of Bioaersol Sampling System BFE Bio Kit | TCR Tecora
EN14683 Medical Facial Masks BFE TestTCR Tecora

EN14683 Medical Facial Masks BFE Test

EN14683 Medical Facial Masks BFE Test, describes testing methods for medical facial masks intended to limit the transmission of infectious agents between patients and clinical staff during surgeries and other medical contexts with similar requirements. How…
Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Important Update COVID-19

Important Update Covid-19: Due to the recent developments of the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy, TCR Tecora Srl would like to inform you, as follows.
IAS Workshop a Milano 2019TCR Tecora

Workshop Source Apportionment in Milan 2019

On February 20th and 21th, 2019 the workshop "Source Apportionment: new techniques and frontiers of application" will be held in Milan, organized by the national scientific association Società Italiana di Aerosol (IAS), under the patronage…
Industrial Hygiene Conference in Corvara, Italy 1TCR Tecora

Industrial Hygiene Conference in Corvara, Italy

25th Industrial Hygiene Conference "The Corvara Days" March 27th - 29th, 2019 From March 27th to 29th, 2019, the 25th Industrial Hygiene Conference "Le giornate di Corvara" will be held in Corvara (Bolzano), organized by the national…

Highlighted Product


Constant Flow and Isokinetic Sampler

MiniBravo Constant Flow Sampler TCR Tecora

Color Touch Screen 7″ Display


USB port (Data Transfer)


Calibration Area


Air Inlet


Retractable handle


Protective Cover


Volumetric Counter


Manual Bypass

The MiniBRAVO Constant Flow and Isokinetic Sampler is a sampling system equipped with a diaphragm pump in single or double head variants.

 The regulation of the flow happens in automatic electronic way, visualizable on resistive touch screen.

BRAVO series samplers have always been recognized as high quality and reliable sampling systems.

In a few seconds MiniBRAVO becomes an isokinetic sampler rich of features and potentialities to satisfy many regulatory requirements for atmospheric emissions.

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