TCR TECORA and TSE Systems Partners in the Filtration Tests.

TCR TECORA and TSE Systems partners in the filtration tests. Together to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

TCR TECORA® announces that it has entered into an agreement with the German company TSE Systems leading manufacturer of high-quality research instruments for the distribution of Bioaerosol Sampling System (BFE BioKit) on markets uncovered by the partner company.

BFE Bio Kit is a complete instrument equipment that performs the bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) test on filtration materials and devices designed to provide protection against biological aerosols such as surgical face masks, surgical gowns and air filters. The BFE test is used for the BFE test for medical mask materials according to the EN 14683 Annex B and ASTM F2101.The BFE Bio KIT configuration also allows to process the determination of differential pressure for the breathability test, according to EN 14683 Annex C and ASTM F2100, and for the permeability test according to EN ISO 9237.

BFE BioKit is a made in Italy solution and it is completely manufactured by TCR TECORA®.

TSE Systems is a very important Research & Innovation German company with headquarters worldwide, strategically placed in Chesterfield, MO / USA, in Bad Homburg / Germany and in Beijing / China.

It is with real pleasure for TCR TECORA® to have the opportunity to propose together with TSE Systems company a facial mask testing system so crucial for the health and safety of people.

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