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Microbial Air Sampler

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Delta MAS Microbial Air Sampler

X-Collision Aerosol Generator Preparation Vessel TCR Tecora
X-Collision Aerosol Generator Preparation Vessel TCR Tecora

Delta MAS (Microbial Air Sampler) of TCR TECORA® has a number of features that makes it ideal for use in sealed compartments, research, clean rooms, aseptic environments, pharmaceutical validation and inside the hospitals.

Microorganisms that cause infections in healthcare facilities include bacteria, fungi and viruses and are commonly found in the patient’s own endogenous flora, but can also originate from health care personnel and from environmental sources.

Most recent regulations are encouraging the use of continuous viable air monitoring in critical areas.

Through air sampling, it is possible to evaluate microbial contamination in environments at high risk of infection.

The Microbial Sampler

Delta MAS is an active sampling method that is superior to the usage of settle plates, that additionally creates validated and actionable data.

Capable of using 90mm Petri dishes up to 3 (220-400 head versions, steel or aluminium heads) and contact plates (55 mm) different soils; gelatin filters, readily available with a variety of holders.

  • Aseptic viable particle environment monitoring
    (hospitals, clean rooms);
  • Remote Isolator Sampling;
  • Pharmaceutical validation;
Delta Mas Hospital TCR tecora

Microbial Air Sampler helps minimize microbial false positives in monitored clean areas by reducing contamination from the handling of agar settle plates, resulting in a decrease in investigations and an increase in productivity.

Delta MAS achieves sampling with minimal air disruption and can be used to sample efficiently with a flowrate 100- 200 L/min to suit both routine monitoring and fast sampling needs.

Product CODE
Delta MAS Sampler AC99-004-2000SP

Delta MAS— Features

  • Intuitive user interface;

  • HEPA filter;

  • Remote Connection;

  • Autoclavable with a sanitizable enclosure;

Delta MAS— Benefits

  • Easy to use and disassemble; Color touch screen;
  • ISO 14698-1 compliant;
  • Data logging to USB flash drive; Autoclavable;
  • Internal battery 72 hours normal use;
  • Portable sampler;
  • No risk of environmental contamination from air exhaust;
  • Optimal recovery of microorganisms – reduced false negative risk;
  • Remote sampling automation eliminates operator errors from incorrect sampling procedures and manual data recording;
  • Wipedownable and suitable for sterile conditions;

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