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X-Collison Nebulizer Aerosol Generator

Delta X Constant Flow Sampler Portable TCR Tecora

There are many aerosol generators in the market and TCR Tecora® decided to develop a stable, constant and reliable polydisperse aerosol generator suitable for many applications.

X-Collison Nebulizer can generate aerosol from DOP, olive oil, polystyrene latex spheres or solid particles.

The key of our system is a double chamber where is possible to generate up to 107 particles/cm3 on line 1 and on the second line the same of 107 particles/cm3 .

X-Collison Nebulizer generates sub-micrometer aerosol and can atomize solutions or suspension.

Therefore, one of the main advantages compare to the other’s aerosol generator it is a double collision Jet with different size range wide the same aerosol out put.

X-Collison — Small Quantity Vessel

In this configuration can be combined different solution with a complete control of small quantity generation.

With the help of vessel holder, it is possible to generate aerosol with different concentration from the same other solution.

CODE AC99-121-0011SP
X-Collision Aerosol Generator Preparation Vessel TCR Tecora

X-Collison — Zero Air Generator

It is recommended to use of dry particles free zero air at the inlet port of X-Collison Nebulizer. TCR Tecora® developed an automatic pressure air generator with integrated HEPA Filter and Dryer, DDS Aero. It is possible to control flow and pressure to power X-Collison.

A passive generator it is the best solution if available pressure air (oil free).

X-Collision Aerosol Generator DDS Aero TCR Tecora
X-Collision Aerosol Generator Basic Aero TCR Tecora

X-Collison — Applications

  • Filter Testing Efficiency;
  • Material Synthesis;
  • Biological and medical research;
  • Instrument calibration;
  • Research and Medical;
  • Test with Polydisperse Aerosol;
  • High Concentration;
  • Double Median Curve Test.

X-Collison — How it Works?

Pressure air is applied to the pressure IN port then air expands through an orifice to form a high-velocity jet.

Orifice can be changed according to the number median diameter of the droplets required.

Droplets with large diameter impact to an internal wall and fall down back in the solution, therefore excess liquid is drained at the bottom parts of the atomizer. The mean particle size of the generated aerosol can be regulated in a range 0.02 – 0.3 micrometer by atomizing a solution and evaporating the solvent.

X-Collision Aerosol Generator How it Works TCR Tecora

With DOP, the system is working in a range from 0,03 to 1,3 µm.

The maximum PSL size is 2 µm. Concerning the liquid consumption (water), in the single version mode the rate is about 0,1 ml/min, in double version mode is 0,2 ml/min. With a pressure of 2,5 Bar, the system is able to generate an air flow rate of about 3,5 l/min. Liquid flow rate is about 20,5 ml/min at 2,5 Bar. With the syringe pump, it is possible to change liquid flow rate down to 0,61 ml/min (less with different air pressure rate).

X-Collision Aerosol Generator Single Line TCR Tecora
X-Collison Nebulizer Aerosol Generator 1

X-Collison — Technical Information

X-Collison Nebulizer Aerosol Generator Technical Features and Codes TCR Tecora


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