Gas Dilutor and Humidifier

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HUMIX Gas Dilutor and Humidifier

HUMIX Gas Dilutor and Humidifier

Humix Schermata Sistema
Humix DIL Schermata Sistema

Compliant with:

UNI EN 14385, CEN/TS 13649,
UNI EN 12919, UNI EN 13284,
UNI EN 1911, UNI EN 13211,
UNI N 14790, ISO 9096, UNI EN 16911

HUMIX and HUMIX DIL are last generation instruments developed by TCR TECORA to meet the most stringent norms of
calibration and testing of gas analysis systems for emissions in atmosphere.

The instruments “HUMIX series” integrates the best active technology for dilution of the gas span concentration for
calibration, control and linearity of gas analyzers, sme, analyzers for monitoring network and multiple situations where necessary to generate a precise gas concentration with high dilution accuracy.

The flow regulation of the dilution gas is managed by MFC-H, high accuracy mass flow controller, able to ensure the dilution in static mode i.e single point of calibration, or in dynamic mode, by automatic management of dilution ratios over the defined work cycle.

HUMIX DIL can be equipped with a wet module to allow the generation of wet gas at the dilutor outlet for checking the reading channel related to the emissions water content, and the generation of gas from solution (for example: HCl, HF, NH3, CH2O, H2O2, Hg, HBr…).

Main Characteristics

  • Software with instantaneous flow data visualization, set and normalized;
  • Electronic flow regulation with display visualization;
  • Solution activation through integrated peristaltic pump with automatic weight system of solution;
  • Flow regulator and anti-pulsation system to ensure a constant flow with glass mixing (quartz option);
  • High precision flow measurement;
  • MFC with calibration report (EN 17025 on request) with user- accessible calibration software;
  • Information on customer/site/measurement zone, insertable from keyboard;
  • Storage of up to 512 dilution sessions (location data, dilution ratio, inlet temperature, gas pressure, flow, atmospheric pressure (option);
  • Report data downloadable via USB as a txt file with raw and normalized data;
  • Memorization of power failure and visualization on reports;
  • Vacuum gauge for functional checks and leak test;
  • Power supplies available: 230 VAC – 110 VAC (external 24 VDC batteries for HUMIX-DIL-BAT version only);
  • Flowrate from 1 ml/min to 10 l/min (other flowrates on request);
  • Ozone generator for GPT testing (option).
Humix System Screen

Technical Characteristics

Humix Gas Dilutor and Humidifier Characteristics

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