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Mini Delta X Asbestos Constant Flow Sampler

Delta X Constant Flow Sampler Portable TCR Tecora

Mini DELTA X is the new portable constant flow sampler developed and built by TCR TECORA®.

Thanks to work on adapting to specific new applications and technological redesign, the Research and Development division has introduced many features in the new Mini DELTA X version that make it an even more responsive working tool to the needs expressed by its customers.

Mini DELTA X is a constant flow sampler and can work in a wide range, the flow can be adjusted from a minimum value of 50 cc/min (option – standard 1 l/min) to a maximum value of 20 l/min in the single sampling line version and up to 45 l/min in the dual line version (Mini DELTA X DUO).

The Sampler can be set with flow and time or volume and flow (as the standards require).

The Mini DELTA X DUO can simultaneously handle two single sampling lines with flow up to 20 l/min per single line. In case a higher flow rate is needed, the maximum flow rate of 40 l/min can be achieved using a single sampling line.

Mini Delta X Main Features

  • Single or Double line sampler;
  • Standard Flow: range 1-20 lt/min;
  • Extended Flow: range 0.05 -20 lt/min;
  • Programmable start/stop time with delay feature;
  • Color Display 5” touch screen;
  • USB port to download data;
  • Flow calibration by the user with special sw feature;
  • Calibration traceability on the memory;
  • Easily washable, decontaminable;
  • Possibility to store up to 1500 samplings;
  • Lithium-ion battery (option);
  • Optical particle counter 24 classes (option);
  • Suitable for a wide range of indoor/outdoor applications;
  • PM1, PM2.5, PM10 in real time (optional);
  • Weight:

    4 Kg (Versione Singola Linea);
    9,5 Kg (Versione Doppia Linea);

  • Powered by 230Vac or external battery:

    Single Line 12 Vdc;
    Double Line 24 Vdc.

Mini Delta X Technical Data

Mini Delta X Options and Accessories

Mini Delta X Asbesto Sampler Features Table TCR Tecora
Mini Delta X Accessories and Optionals TCR Tecora

Mini Delta X Codes

Mini Delta X Codes Table

Mini Delta X Flow Settings

Mini Delta X Flow Settings

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