ISO22611 Test Kit

for Resistance to Penetration

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ISO2611 Test Kit for Resistance Penetration

ISO22611 Test Kit for Resistance to Penetration

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ISO2611 Test Kit is a complete solution for measuring the penetration resistance of protective clothing materials to a contaminated aerosol developed by TCR Tecora®

This test method exposes material specimens to a specific bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus) suspended in an aerosol at a specified set of conditions.

It’s not always effective in testing protective clothing materials having thick, inner liners which readily absorb the challenge liquid.

ISO22611 — How it Works

How the ISO22611 Test Kit Works: 

  1. Dry and particles free Pressure air is applied to the pressure in port of aerosol generator;
  2. TCR Tecora® offers a DDS Aero system for zero air needed to the aerosol generator.
  3. A solution, containing microorganisms, is sprayed into a box.
  4. Under pressure is used to collect the droplets of the contaminated aerosol on two membrane filters.
  5. One of these filters is shielded by the protective clothing material.
  6. The ratio of bacteria founds on the shielded and the unshielded filter is used to assess the barrier properties of the protective clothing material.
ISO22611 Test Kit How it Works TCR Tecora

ISO22611 — MUT (Material Under Test Preparation)

Thickness of each specimen has to be prepared according to ISO 5084 (nearest 0.02 mm) and the mass per unit area to the nearest 10 g/m2 according to ISO 3801.

Pressure drop of every line is controlled by BRAVO BIO BASIC sampling system, able to maintain it constant as described in the norm for all the test.

Every item can be cleaned in autoclave.

ISO22611 — Technical Features and Codes

ISO22611 Test Kit Features and Codes TCR Tecora

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