Bravo X BIO

Microbiological Sampler

Laboratory TCR Tecora
Bravo X Bio Microbiological Sampler TCR Tecora

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USB Port

Bravo X BIO Microbiological Sampler

X-Collision Aerosol Generator Preparation Vessel TCR Tecora
X-Collision Aerosol Generator Preparation Vessel TCR Tecora

Compliant with:

EN ISO 9237 
EN 14385, CEN/TS 13649,
EN 12919, EN 13284,
EN 1911, EN 13211,
EN 14790, ISO 9096,
CEN/TS 16115-1, EN 1948,
EN 14683, EN 17359,

BRAVO X BIO is an air sampler dedicated to microbiological, bioaerosol sampling.

There is an increasing demand for sampling viruses, spores, bacteria e.g. in ventilation ducts , for sanitization process control, BFE bacterial filtration efficiency check, microbiological contamination control e.g. by COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) in workplaces…

TCR TECORA® has designed a sampler suitable for all microbiological monitoring situations , with dedicated software for example for BFE and pneumatics designed with long life HEPA filter to avoid contamination of instrumentation and instrument user.

BRAVO X BIO instantaneously controls the flow by precision digital electronic device, maintains the correct programmed flow set-point counts volume by precision volumetric counter.

Microprocessor board allows MEMORIZATION of all operating parameters with the ability to recall them at any time via IP65 membrane keypad and view them in the large color touch screen display. The USB port allows data download for convenient viewing on a PC.

BRAVO X BIO with 6 m3/h pump meets regulatory criteria and can be configured for microbiological sampling with the following devices entirely designed and manufactured by TCR TECORA®.

  • Flow rate from 0.2 l/min to 100 l/min (1000 l/min opt.)
  • High accuracy in flow and volume measurement;
  • Microprocessor data management
Bravo X Bio Medical Masks Efficiency

Bravo X BIO — Enhanced Operator Protection

The use of the HEPA KIT makes it possible to avoid contamination of the instrument’s internal pneumatics and the emission of submicrometer particles into the environment, which can be harmful to the operator and the environment in which he or she operates.

The particles can be carriers of microorganisms (viruses, bacteria, spores…), so the implementation of the HEPA kit is recommended in case of prolonged sampling of microorganisms.

AC99-120-0013SP — KIT FILTERS HEPA No 5

Bravo X BIO — Technical Features

Bravo X BIO Technical Features

Bravo X BIO — Codes

Product CODE
Bravo X BIO Sampler AA99-000-0740SP
Bravo X BIO H Sampler AA99-000-0745SP

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