Echo PM Radio

Environmental Radioactivity Monitoring Sampler

Outdoor Air Quality TCR Tecora
Echo PM Radio Monitoraggio Radioattività Ambientale

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Echo PM Radio PM Monitoring of Environmental Radioactive Substances.

Echo PM Radio Particulate PM Radioactivity Sampler

ECHO PM Radio is an automatic constant-flow high-prevalence TCR Tecora sampler designed for monitoring and control of environmental radioactivity.

The environmental contamination is detected by monitoring the main environmental and food chains.

When radioactive substances, in the form of aeriform products (gases, vapors, etc..), are released into the atmosphere, they can give rise to radiation and / or internal radiation as a result of individual’s inhalation.

ECHO PM Radio meets the features required for monitoring the radioactivity of airborne non-gaseous material, on membranes with diameters from 47 to 150 mm.

It can be used both for routine sampling at low flow rate (30-140 l/min) and in radiological emergencies with flow rates higher than 140 l/min that allow to obtain high measurement sensitivities and to sample large volumes in a short time.

Sampling with the PTS Head

The external sampling line ends with a filter holder and is equipped with a PTS head (Optional).

While most radionuclides are fixed to airborne particles, some volatile radionuclides such as 3H and 131I are not sufficiently retained by filters.

Echo Radio PM can be used to sample 131I using special activated carbon traps located downstream of the filter, which contain an iodine-specific adsorbent surface.

Echo PM Radio Testa PTS

Alternatively, the sampling line can be equipped with a cartridge for PUF (polyurethane sponge) or XAD2 resin for the sampling of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

Echo PM Radio Technical Features

Echo PM Radio Technical Features

Product and Accessories Codes

ECHO PM RadioAA99-009-0215SP
Echo PM Stand f/floor install.AA99-009-9910SP
OPC Real Time PM Value + 24 Dim Class EmergAA99-100-0000SP
Dir/Speed Wind Interface Vers. UltrasonicAA99-009-9920SP
Dir/Speed Wind Sensors Vers. UltrasonicAA99-009-9921SP
Modem Router UMTS for Remote Conn. Vers. 2020AA99-020-9913SP
PTS Sampling HeadAA99-010-0015SP
PM10 (EN12341) Sampling HeadAA99-010-0020SP
PM2.5 (EN12341) Sampling HeadAA99-010-0025SP
PM1 (EN12341) Sampling HeadAA99-010-0027SP
Sampling Cartdrige with for IPA/PCDD/PCDF + Filter Holder 142 mmAA99-020-0110SP
Sampling Cartdrige with for IPA/PCDD/PCDF + Filter Holder 47 mmAA99-009-0004SP
Borosil. Glass Spare Cartridge for Puf ModAA99-020-0011SP
Aluminium Shipping Container for PufAA99-020-0019SR

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