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Laskin Aero X Aerosol Generators

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Laskin nozzles have been used for years as aerosol generators for filters test systems (e.g. HEPA – ULPA) and in aerosol research.

Due to the sensitive nature of aerosol generation, Laskin nozzles are also used to produce “aerosol test” to study the effects of bioaerosols.

TCR TECORA® has developed a new series of Laskin generators, called AERO-X capable of being used for most applications.


A Laskin nozzle consist of a steel tube (ptfe – titanium as an option) with four holes (1 mm diameter) arranged symmetrically radial and perpendicular to the axis of the nozzle tube. Close to the holes from which the pressurized air comes out, there is a “collar” disc with a larger dimeter in which there are 4 precision holes (2 mm diameter) arranged along the axis of the nozzles itself.

The nozzle in the container is fully immersed in the solution to be sprayed. Different solutions and suspensions such as DEHS (DiEthylHexySebacate1)DOP(DioctylPhthalate),EMERY3004,  NaCl (Sodium chloride), PSL (Latex Sphere), Methylene Blue, Silicon oil… can be inserted.

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Laskin Aero X — Main Features

  • TCR TECORA® AERO-X Laskin generators model are designed to maintain a consistent, repeatable output over time;
  • Laskin Aero-X is made in laboratory version complete of 1, 3 or 6 nozzles for a greater quantity of aerosol generated;
  • The realization in inert material guarantees high quality of delivery and easy cleaning/maintenance of the system;
  • The realization in inert material guarantees high quality of delivery and easy cleaning/maintenance of the system;
  • The Laskin DDS version is a complete solution and requires 230 Vac power supply (internal battery option for applications in area without power supply) to manage the internal air delivery system. The system manages 2 spray chambers (which can be use individually) with 1, 3 or up to 6 Laskin nozzles.

Laskin Aero X — Applications

  • Bioaerosol generation;
  • PFE – materials filtration efficiency;
  • Biological – medical research;
  • Instrument calibration;
  • Fluid dynamic experiments in wind tunnel;
  • Laskin systems allow you to generate aerosol with a variety of liquids, solutions, and suspensions;
  • Generation of polydisperse aerosol in high concentrations;
  • HEPA – ULPA filter test according to EN1822 as cold aerosol generation system;
  • Peaks monodisperse aerosol generation with DEHA at 0,65 μm with minimum 0,25 μm delivery;
  • Concentrations greater than 107 particles/cm3 per single Laskin nozzle;
  • Wide range of flow adjustment possibilities, typical 5-10 l/min applications.

Laskin Aero X — Models

Laskin Aero 3 Aerosol Generator TCR Tecora
Laskin Aerosol Generator Model Aero 1
Laskin Aerosol Generator Model Aero 1S
Laskin DDS Aero TCR Tecora
Laskin DDS Aero 3 TCR Tecora

Laskin Aero X — Technical Information

Laskin Aerosol Generator Technical Features


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