Echo PM

Atmospheric Particulate Sampler PM10, PM2.5 and PM1

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Echo PM Atmospheric Particulate Sampler

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Echo PM Atmospheric Particulate Sampler

Echo PM Atmospheric Particulate SAmpler PM10, PM2,5 PM1

ECHO PM is a “stand alone” Atmospheric Particulate Sampler instrument, projected also for outdoor operation in harsh climatic conditions.

The wide regulation range and the accurate electronic flow sampling control at either actual or standard conditions, makes ECHO PM in accordance with the reference methods EN 12341 for PM 10 with head LVS PM10 2.3 m3/h, and US EPA 40 CFR part 50 for PM10 and PM2.5 at 1m3/h.*

Developed and realized to allow the maximum utilizing flexibility, the ECHO PM satisfies the hardware and software requests that permits up to 2 sequential sampling lines**.

Supplied with respective sampling head ECHO PM can be utilized respecting the “ISO/CD 16362 for the determination of policycles aromatic hydrocarbon PAHs” sampling norms.

*Possibility to monitor PM10, PM2.5, PM1, REALTIME trend concentrations and 24 sizes classes particle distribution and CO2 and relative humidity.
**Facultative options.

Echo PM Main Features

  • Autonomous sampling with maximum 2 sequential samples*;
  • Electronically controlled flow rate sampling at standard and actual conditions;
  • Wide graphical display with background illumination, dedicated keyboard, RS232 inter face;
  • Permanent date and hour programming;
  • Sampling time with 1" resolution is selectable from 1’ to 168 h;
  • Measured and memorized parameters:
    • Flow rate;
    • Totalized volumes;
    • Ambient Temperature;
    • Ambient Pressure;
    • Filter load.
  • PM10, PM2.5, PM1, OPC real time dimensional classes 24 CO2 and relative humidity real time;
  • Memorization of more than 60 sampling reports;
  • Memorization of flow sampling of 5 minutes interval;
  • Reduced dimensions and weight light alloy cabin, suitable for outside installation;
  • Remote control via GSM SMS (*);
  • Controllabile via SMS (*)
  • Sample conditioning in relation to wind speed and direction (*).

    * Facoltative options.

Echo PM Technical Features

Echo PM Technical Features EN, TCR Tecora

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