Constant Flow and Isokinetic Sampler

Outdoor Air Quality TCR Tecora
MiniBravo Constant Flow Sampler TCR Tecora

Color Touch Screen 7″ Display


Calibration Area


Air Inlet


Retractable Handle


Protection Cover


Volumetric Meter


Manual Bypass Valve

MiniBravo Constant Flow and Isokinetic Sampler

Delta X Constant Flow Sampler Portable TCR Tecora
Delta X Constant Flow Sampler Portable TCR Tecora

In accordance with

UNI EN 14385
CEN/TS 13649
UNI EN 12919
UNI EN 13284
UNI EN 1911
UNI EN 13211
UNI N 14790
ISO 9096
UNI EN 16911

The MiniBRAVO Constant Flow and Isokinetic Sampler is a sampling system equipped with a diaphragm pump in single or double head variants.

TCR TECORA® has created a new generation of samplers called “BRAVO X series” to comply to the most stringent regulations and including in this new series of instruments the suggestions received in recent years by sampling technicians all over the world.

BRAVO series samplers have always been recognised as high quality and reliable sampling systems.

The regulation of the flow happens in automatic electronic way, visualizable on resistive touch screen.

In a few seconds MiniBRAVO becomes an isokinetic sampler rich of features and potentialities to satisfy many regulatory requirements for atmospheric emissions.

The plant conditions are constantly saved by the Flowtest ST and the information necessary to adjust the flow are instantaneously sent to the MiniBRAVO sampler which monitors all the sampling parameters. Every data is saved in the memory of the instrument, where the logs and the final report of the test are saved.

MiniBRAVO Main Features

  • Microprocessor data management;
  • Flowrate from 1 l/min to 20 l/min (option 50 cc/min to 20 l/min);
  • High precision in flow and volume measurement;
  • Portable constant flow sampler with microprocessor data management;
  • Electronic flowrate adjustment visualizable on the display;
  • Flow regulator and anti-pulsation system to ensure a constant flowrate without fluctuations;
  • Volumetric counter (DGM) in class 1,5 for measuring sampled volume;
  • WiFi connection for operation status monitoring and data download on tablet/PC/smartphone (optional);
  • Sampling programming/ cycle time, duration, delay, cycle, volume;
  • Download data on USB PEN drive;
  • Option Isokinetic Sampling using FLOWTEST ST;
  • Automatic or manual test menu, leak test, pitot leak test;
  • Condensation sensor for protection of internal elements (option);

MiniBRAVO Isokinetic

Delta X Constant Flow Sampler Portable Single Line TCR Tecora

MiniBRAVO Technical Information

MiniBRAVO Constant Flow and Isokinetic Sampler TCR Tecora


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