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Altair Outdoor Air Sampling Probe for Cabins and Mobile Vehicles for Environmental Monitoring

Altair Sonda Prelievo Aria su Mezzi TCR Tecora Ambiente

ALTAIR is the innovative sampling system designed by TCR Tecora® to take air samples in accordance with DM 30/03/2017 “Quality assurance procedures to verify compliance with the quality of ambient air measurements, carried out at measuring network stations”.

ALTAIR manages the temperature by means of a thermoregulator with set-point settable by the operator and the main sampling flow automatically.

ALTAIR is available in the ALTAIR+ version which, thanks to a drying technology well established in gas analysis, allows the dehumidification of the sample in order to avoid any stagnation of condensation that could compromise the gas analysis.

A decrease in ozone measurements during the summer period of about 20-30 ppb it is recognized due to the formation of condensation in traditional heated sampling lines. ALTAIR is designed to overcome this problem by using a sampling line with a double NAFION™.

The sampling line is therefore maintained at programmable temperature and humidity.

Altair Main Features

  • Made entirely of inert material - PTFE;
  • Available in PTFE + NAFION™ version for correct air sampling even in conditions of high humidity;
  • Extreme ease of use;
  • Base 8 gas outlets; also available in version from 10 to 20 gas outlets;
  • Measurement of gas temperature with thermo measurement of the sample by means of a heated thermo controlled line;
  • Humidity control option: The humidity sensor monitors the humidity of the sample and activates the humidity control system to prevent condensation in the sampling tubes to the analyzers;
  • Easy maintenance of gas withdrawal manifold and gas withdrawal line;
  • High prevalence tangential fan;
  • In-line flow sensor for constant control of the air intake system complete with digital contact for immediate signaling of alarm status;
  • Heating activation led;
  • Alarm signalling led with D/O contact for remote control;
  • RS-485 communication - remote control;
  • Self-contained intake system capable of ensuring a residence time of sampled air in the sampling system of less than 3 seconds.

Altair Technical Features

Altair Outdoor Air Sampling Technical Features
Altair Outdoor Air Sampling Technical Features
Altair Outdoor Air Sampling Technical Features

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